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AdBlue is a liquid used to reduce the Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) emissions of diesel engines and is made up of a mixture of urea and deionized water that is sprayed into the exhaust system. Its widespread introduction coincided with the current Euro 6 emissions standards, which are part of ever more stringent emissions targets that car manufacturers are now required to meet.

About the product:

  • Produced in Europe (Lithuania)

  • Meets European standards;

  • Manufactured in accordance with the requirements of the German Automobile IndustryAssociation in accordance with the strict ISO 22241-1 / -2 / -3 / -4 / -5 standard;

  • A quality passport is issued for each production batch;

  • The product is sold in airtight, sealed packaging.

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Packaging:10L, 1000 IBC

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