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Heavy Duty Antifreeze

Modern cooling fluids for cars, trucks, buses, agro techniques, and other heavy-duty vehicles engines that effectively protect against corrosion metals in the vehicle engine and do not contain borates, phosphates, amines, or nitrates. It is suitable for use in both gasoline and diesel engines. Any formulation is possible.

Fog system fluid for disinfect air

  • Cleans and hygienizes the air of 99.8% of viruses, bacteria, micro particle pollution and Covid-19.

  • Available in a range of sizes with varying levels of dispensing capacity.

  • Suitable for any environment.

  • 1350 times more effective than a standard spray system.

Fluids for Heating and Cooling systems

  • We are useful in various industrial fields - supplying large quantities of chemical substances such as coolants for cooling and heating systems. So we are always ready to help building material producers and contractors. 

  • We specialize in the supply of heat transfer fluid. We offer chemical fluids for the industry in various quantities, including for use in the construction, food & beverage industry, air-conditioning systems, solar collectors, and geothermal heating. By using high-quality heat and cold transfer fluids, you can protect and extend the life of expensive equipment.

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