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G12++ Antifreeze -38°C

G12++ is an extended-life antifreeze/coolant formulated with ethylene glycol and powered by Lobrid Organic Additive Technology (Si-OAT). This innovative technology combines the rapid healing protection for aluminum engines associated with silicate additives with the extended lifespan benefits of OAT technology. It provides exceptional protection against cavitation, frost, corrosion, and overheating, particularly in high-stress aluminum enginesThis long-life antifreeze is compatible with both G12 and G12+ standards, ensuring seamless integration with earlier coolant specifications.

The antifreeze is good for exploitation when the temperature is not lower than -38 °C.

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Packaging: 1,5L, 5L, 10L, 20L, 200L, 1000 IBC

Standards and requirements:

BS 6580, FVV HEFT R 443, AFNOR R 15/601, SAE J 1034 , JASO M325, JIS K 2234, KSM 2142, CUNE NC 956-16, UNE 26361-88, ASTM D 3306&D4656&D4985&, NATO S759, E/L 1415C. VW/Audi/Porsche/Seat/Skoda/Lamborghini/Bentley TL 774 G (G12++), Daimler/ Mercedes Benz MB- 325.5 and 325.6, Man 324 Typ Si-OAT, Cummins CES 14603, SCANIA TB 1451

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